Students Run Philly group gathers before a run



"The thing I like the most about Students Run is the students' motivation. Everyone, including myself, are always striving to meet new goals. My grades in school have improved. I also started paying more attention to my health. I've learned that slow and steady wins the race and speed will come in time."

-- Shania M., Student Participant

"I've changed from trying to be 1st and the best — now I help people be their best."

-- Evan K, Student Participant

"Students Run Philly Style is a great organization for young people like me trying to do something fun in my free time. It's a great way to stay out the street."

-- Djan D., Student Participant

"I've learned to push myself farther than the limit that's expected, I've learned how to be committed to something and stay committed."

-- Fernando C., Student Participant

"Meeting new people, getting to know who you are and getting that push are the things I love. Because of Students Run I see me having the power to finish what I started and never quit."

--Alexander A., Student Participant

"I'm always pushed to do better and try harder."

-- Aaron Y., Student Participant

"I joined Students Run Philly Style because I felt like I was losing it and needed something to put myself back on track. When I run, it helps me clear my mind. I think about everything and have time to reflect."

-- Mecca M., Student Participant

"Running practices are one of my favorite things because I get to see all my friends and can truly be myself."

-- Christopher W., Student Participant

"Three years after joining Students Run, I've learned to step up to the plate as a runner, as a leader, as a friend, and as a woman of courage, effort, respect and integrity."

-- Deanna W., Student Participant

"All of the leaders are here for the students, and the leaders push students to do their best."

-- Dayonnah, Student Participant

"Students Run Philly Style is a great program which allows kids from all over the city to positively come together and share common goals."

-- Alex M., Student Participant

"Not only does Students Run keep me in shape, it has given me a sense of determination and a mind set that I can do anything if I work hard enough. Over the years I have become a stronger runner, my family has gotten healthier, and I have had wonderful running leaders that have all pushed, cheered and encouraged me when I needed it."

-- Markia J., Student Participant

"I've changed my perspective in life from being so lazy and introverted to that of a busy and social human being. I've become more punctual in terms of my school work. I've come to respect my body and learned to listen to what it needs. I've learned many things in Students Run but the one thing that will stick with me for the rest of my life would most likely be my respect for other people and seeing their perspective from their eyes."

-- Nam T., Student Participant

"Students Run made a difference for me because it helped me to break through my comfort zone and meet new people."

-- Juliette T., Student Participant

"I became more humble, but confident through this running program; the things I learned from Students Run were about the significance of friendship, self-determination, and respect."

-- Hung N., Student Participant

"I learned to never give up on gaining greatness in life."

-- Dhamir M., Student Participant

"Students Run Philly Style has changed my life."

-- Chonte M., Student Participant