Students Run Philly group gathers before a run

Run for Philly's Future


Run for Philly’s Future is Students Run Philly Style’s charity running program. Run for Philly’s Future are teams or individuals (men and women) who pursue individual goals, such as running a marathon or 5K, or completing a triathlon or cycling event, while raising money to help youth in Philadelphia participate in Students Run Philly Style. Run for Philly’s Future runners may either select from one of the events we are a local charity partner of, or may participate in any running, walking, cycling, or multi-sport event of their choice. Selecting from one of our charity partner events will provide you with a race entry and you will be required to meet the fundraising minimum. If you choose to select your own event, you are responsible for purchasing your race entry and can set your own fundraising goal!

Give more meaning to your journey to the finish line!

When you fund-race for Students Run Philly Style, we make fund-racing easy.

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Special entry to Philadelphia Marathon or Broad Street Run for all fundracers!

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The Philadelphia Marathon, Blue Cross Broad Street Run, Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon, and more!