Students Run Philly Style


If you are a 6th-12th Grade Student who lives OR attends school in Philadelphia, you are eligible to participate in Students Run Philly Style.

Student Runner

  • -Meet other amazing youth from all over the city
  • -Take on an impressive challenge with the support of an adult mentor
  • -Learn the life sport of running
  • -Become part of a movement of positive youth development
  • -Participate in training 3-4 times/week, fun summer events, leadership development and academic enrichment

What Students Say

""Not only do I get the mentorship and support for running when I am part of my Students Run Philly Style team, but I feel like I am part of a family where my running leaders and my teammates care about me. They are the people I can go to whenever I feel at my lowest and the people I can go to for support. They will always be there for me running-related or not."
-Ethan C.
"Students Run Philly Style running leaders make the most of my presence with them so I can make the most out of running with them. It is a great place to start if you want to become physically active because everyone allows you to start and move at your own pace. I would've loved to discover them sooner!"
-Phoenix S


Students Run Philly Mentors, called Running Leaders, provide ongoing mentorship, support, & training for our students. They are truly the soul of the Students Run Philly Style Program. Adults over 21 with a heart for mentorship and the ability to make a significant time commitment should consider becoming Running Leaders. Running experience is helpful but not required. Running Leaders may start teams of their own or may join teams that need support.


  • -Lead 2-3 practices a week (after school hours and Saturday mornings) for nine months
  • -Attend mandatory Running Leader training
  • -Attend Running Leader workshops



Students Run Philly Style
1819 JFK Boulevard, Suite #480
Philadelphia PA 19103