Students Run Philly Style


Mentorship + Achievement = Impact

Students Run Philly Style transforms students’ lives through running and mentorship. We pair volunteer mentors with teams of students to inspire them to push themselves further than they ever imagined. Their goal: the completion of a full or a half marathon. The courage and effort required, the unfailing support of a caring mentor and the thrill of its ultimate achievement results in a student who knows anything is possible.

Our Impact


of students increased their GPA


of students decreased their violent behavior


of students increased or maintained high levels of self-control


of students were promoted to the next grade


of 12th-grade students graduated high school


of those graduates were accepted into a 4-year college

Fostering resilience

Long-distance running is an exercise in endurance.  Paired with a supportive mentor who trains alongside them, students prove they can continue to push forward regardless of how far away the finish line may seem. Endurance is habit forming, and as students learn to set and accomplish goals physically, these skills transfer to problem-solving elsewhere.

Much like the road to success, long-distance running is not a straight line.  There are steps forward and setbacks that arise.  To keep moving forward, students must be patient, dedicated, and essentially, resilient. These learned behaviors teach students that success in a race does not depend on being the fastest, but rather on crossing the finish line. By applying these learned behaviors, students learn the value of showing up and troubleshooting challenges.

SRPS youth learn that the road to success is not always clear, but with persistence and determination, they can create a road to achievement that is ultimately their own.