Letter to Future Interns

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Dear Future Interns,

Being the Intern for Students Run is such a fun and interesting experience. You get to see behind the scenes of races and see the work put in for all the events. You also get to do things in the office to help out. Either you’ll straighten up or even help plan some events for the main event. Personally, the best part is working with the other interns. Either you’re working with someone you know and working with them will be a cool experience, or someone you don’t and it’s you meeting and coming close with someone new.

The thing that makes the internship the most interesting is the BINGO board because then you can challenge yourself. You and other interns can get together and get bingo or be even more amazing and try to get a full card, which I think makes it more fun. 

Since this is the year of covid the way this year was run was way different than other years. But we still made it fun and probably even better than years before. If we can make it fun during covid, you will have a great time too. Hope you have a great time


2021 Interns

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